All donors no matter how much is donated will be recognized on our Thank you page​.

Tier 1

For a $25.00 commitment

We will list your business or personal information on our Thank You page of our web site. Your ad may contain up to 50 words, or business card and may include all pertinent information for your business

Tier 2

For a $50.00 Commitment

We will do all that we do for our Tier 1 donors but expand your ad up to 100 words and you may add a picture to make your ad stand out.

Tier 3

For a $100.00 Commitment

We will do all we do for our Tier 1, and Tier 2, donors plus put you up on our Poster of Preferred Vendors at our Main event in October. We will also accept multiple pictures for a larger ad on our Preferred Vendors page on this site.

Tier 4

For a $500.00 Commitment

We will of course do all we do for Tiers 1, 2, & 3. We will also put your ad up on our sponsors board at our facility to be seen by all students, parents, spectators and the general public. Your ad will be added regularly to our Facebook page which reaches thousands of people every year. 

Tier 5

Full Commitment

This would be for donors of $1000.00 or more.

Of course everything above would be included for the Tier 5 donor.

Anyone willing to help us out with this kind of commitment please call 215-740-1336 and we will customize your sponsorship of our team. This could include but would not be limited to, setting up a booth at our big tournament in October to sell services or products, putting you name and/or Logo on our warm up attire. Call and discuss what you would like to see happen and we can accommodate almost any request.